August 2019 Newsletter: Are you ready?

A new school year is upon us, with educators and families preparing for another year of learning and growth. As every parent knows, kids need everything—and the research is finally catching up with that common sense! Academic and emotional growth are inextricably linked, and learning happens in every setting, whether at home, at school, or on the playground and around town.

In our August newsletter, we highlight promising new research and the progress educators and communities are making to support students:

  • Creating Moves to Opportunity, a project with the Seattle Housing Authority, helps families navigate the rental market so that they may use their housing vouchers for homes in neighborhoods that offer more opportunities, as determined by a large longitudinal study.
  • The Center for High School Success is helping students get on the right academic footing in their ninth grade year, a crucial year for future success.
  • The High School and Beyond Plan process is helping counselors, teachers, students, and their families plan coursework and stay on track toward education, training, and a fulfilling and successful career after high school graduation.

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