December 2020 Newsletter: What a Year!

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s clear that the last twelve months have been exceptionally demanding, surprising and also hopeful for all of us.

Since the pandemic took hold in February, we have seen educators, students and parents rise to the challenge of working and learning from home, caring for younger children, caring for elderly family members, and going to superhuman lengths to support one another in the transition. And yet, this year has provided an urgent reminder of the inequities faced by our Black, brown, Indigenous, low income and special needs students and families — people for whom the existing systems create barriers instead of removing them — and how we must redouble our efforts in community-led solutions. People shouldn’t have to work the system, the system should work for the people.

We are proud of our partnerships in providing COVID-19 relief, meeting basic and immediate needs for community members, on top of our regular investments in education, housing and non-profits. Hope for the end of this pandemic is here, in the form of a safe and effective vaccine — but it is critical that we keep looking out for each other, minimizing risk over the holidays and protecting our communities and our families.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, socially distanced holiday and time to refuel from the year.

Here’s what else we’re sharing in this month’s Newsletter:

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