June 2020 Newsletter:
Black Lives Matter - a unified call for justice

The calls for justice that we see today are not new, but we can use this moment to reassess these structures of inequality, redistribute resources to where they are needed most, reform the institutions that have perpetuated racism, and repair our trust in each other. Black lives matter and we must continue to speak up for equality. Right now, we are working with state and local public health agencies to provide data and technical assistance to address disparities and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in communities of color and vulnerable populations. We are also dedicating extra resources to community organizations on the frontlines. Here’s what else we’re sharing in June’s Newsletter:


  • Black Future Co-op Fund, hosted at the Seattle Foundation, will respond to the disproportionate impacts on COVID-19, strengthen Black culture, increase resilience to economic and other shocks, and build generational wealth.
  • This month, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with 7 other funders, announced the 28 grant recipients chosen from the Voices for Economic Opportunity Grand Challenge. This campaign is supporting groups who will directly work to raise up authentic voices from impoverished and marginalized communities.
  • Schools will reopen in the fall, but school will look very different from what we’re used to. New guidelines were released to allow for a safe and smooth transition back for students and faculty.

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